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The What, How, and Why of FTI


Finger Tip Information is a personalized medical reference system built by you and for you.

You get to decide on the information your personalized FTI will include (e.g. clinical information, patient education, and/or community resources). FTI is web-based and mobile friendly, making it accessible in your office, the exam room, at home, or in the coffee shop. This is your go-anywhere, access-anytime, electronic file cabinet or pocket sized 3-ring containing the information you need to best care for your patient.

FTI works by:
  1. Select the piece or pieces of information you want to save for future use. This information could come from any number of places: PDF documents, photos, website links, summaries of conversations you had with a specialist, or text you have selected from a reference document.
  2. Create categories or sub-categories in a way that makes sense to you. This will make it fast and easy for you to retrieve and use the information you need for your patient at that specific time.
  3. As you start collecting information, you may feel some pieces would be of interest to your associates. FTI provides an option for you to establish an “organization�of your colleagues. This allows for a simple way to share data amongst one another, and it is equally as simple for the recipient to incorporate the shared information to their own FTI.
Dr Augustson

My FTI Story

Thank you for visiting this site. As you consider becoming a user of FTI I thought I might share my FTI story.

A couple years ago I recommitted myself to clinical medicine and primary care. And in that commitment I sought to become the very best I could possibly be. I have always been board certified in family medicine (30 years plus) and overall have felt I have served my patients pretty well. But I wanted to do better. I wanted to provide outstanding service to every patient every time.

Also around this time I came to better understand the challenge that is now before every health care professional. This is the challenge of the triple aim. We have to improve quality, lessen the cost of care, and do this in such a manner that the patient has a better experience. And despite how well we do, it is my belief this challenge will never go away.

As I sought to respond I sensed a need for a tool that would provide me rapid access (i.e. within seconds) to very specific reference information pieces that would help me efficiently develop better diagnoses and more complete treatment plans. This need was most acute for those conditions that didn't come up every day or every week or every month. And as I reflected further on the practice of primary care, I came to realize that in our work day it is quite common to be presented with uncommon clinical scenarios.

To fulfill this need I looked for a program in which I could store these information pieces and index them it in such a way that reflected how I think and best retrieve information. In some respects I wanted to be the editor of my own electronic text book. I thought there must be something commercially available and spoke with a number of people in the IT field. To my surprise there was nothing that met this need. This awareness then led to a conversation with Austin Hoefs, a computer science major at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I explained to him what I was looking for and he said he could build it.

What you have before you now in FTI reflects a couple years of dedicated work including some funding from Alta Resources at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I hope you find FTI worth your valuable time. We have tried to make building your own personalized FTI account as quick and easy as possible.

We are also looking for your feedback - both the good and also the ways in which FTI could be better. Our ultimate goal is that FTI will be a tool that will help you provide the best possible care to each patient every time.

With the highest of regards,
Dr. Mike

"As a primary care physician striving to provide the best possible care to each patient every time, I have found FTI to be an invaluable tool. My workday presents a wide variety of health topics and FTI helps me efficiently develop better diagnoses and more complete treatment plans. FTI is a great help to my personal job satisfaction."

�Mike Augustson, MD


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